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About us

The things we sell are first and foremost the things we personally use in the field. The TX/PA frame was created, so the TX-500 and the PA500 wouldn’t be bouncing around hitting each other in my POTA bike bag. The TX/PA battery was inspired by Lab599’s renderings, but honestly just got tired of waiting for it, so I made it. We promise that if it doesn’t work in the real world in all the conditions that you might encounter, we won’t sell it.

Sustainability: We obtain 90% of our electricity from the solar panels on top of our house, which also charges our electric car for 75% of our mobility needs. The only reason we are not 100% is because the sun always doesn’t shine, and we are limited by how much battery storage is physically possible on site.

I have an old Gen1 Mitsubishi Miev with more than 100K miles on it. It can barely go 60miles/100km on a full charge, but it gets me to work and back, so good enough. The Jeep Wrangler TJ in the back is mine too, but at $0.27/mile compared to the electric’s $.04/mile, you don’t need a PhD to do the math on this one.

Well that didn’t take long:

On 10/04/2021 9:31 AM Robert had a question:

Q: What is on top of your Jeep?

A: I usually tell people it is a photon torpedo launcher in case the Klingons attack, and get 2 responses: 1) they start laughing or 2) they smile politely and slowly back away. But seriously, I am the Philadelphia region communication officer for my search and rescue group. The tube on top has a 50 foot telescoping mast to lift an inverted V NVIS antenna (which I enjoy) or raise a VHF J-pole and jack it into a repeater (which I do not). Essentially, I become a dumb VHF cell/repeater tower. VHF is ok, but I just don’t enjoy it, and as the saying goes: “Ours is not to question why, ours is to do and die (a slow and boring death via VHF may I add)”

We are a 100% Veteran owned & operated and proud of our service to the country.