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Our TX/PA frame is designed to connect the TX-500 and the PA500, so when folded, the units are kept together in a tidy package. When deployed, an optimal angle can be chosen for whatever situation you may find yourself in. e.g. on a park bench, on the grass, in the woods, or high on top of a summit.

We offer 2 different versions. The first one, light duty, will provide you with years of service, and is what I use every day. I keep my transceiver and amp inside a padded bike bag for POTA, and this version is perfect for those situations where your radios will be in a more protected environment. The heavy duty version uses a continuous fiber reinforced structure, which can bring the strength up to Aluminum levels. Pick this option if you expect the units to experience heavy abuse. e.g. technical climbing, scrambling, or being chased by bears, etc…

TX/PA Frame gallery

Reel for 50’/15m of coax (only the reel for now)

Due to popular demand the coax reel is now in production. It has a handy handle on one side and a small storage compartment on the other for whatever you can fit in it. I use a BNC dipole center, but you can add an EFHW balun, choke, snacks, etc… The possibilities are endless. The reel obviously can be used to hold an EFHW antenna if you with wish to deploy in that configuration.

At the request of several diy-599 group members, here is the TX-500 stand. This version is for the home. There will be a field version that has a greater footprint and stability when outside. It obviously has a bit more flexibility than the built in one, so take a look at the pics below.

TX/PA battery pack

(undergoing safety testing now)

Safety is our primary concern here at theQRPstore especially when it concerns LiPO batteries. We have all the physical properties of the battery box completed, but our testing of all the electrical safety measures continues until we can be sure we are delivering the safest possible product. That being said, take a sneak peek below…

List of available products: