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The QRP store

for the QRP in every HAM

the QRP station

A very limited number of stations are being sold. The package is the TX-500, the PA500, the BAT500 (Oliver’s battery pack), and an HD frame connecting everything together.

PA500 Frames

We have adapter frames for the most popular QRP radios: TX-500, IC-705, and the KX3

for the TX-500
for the IC-705
for the KX3

Reel for 50’/15m of coax

Due to popular demand the coax reel is now in production. It has a handy handle on one side and a small storage compartment on the other for whatever you can fit in it. I use a BNC dipole center, but you can add an EFHW balun, choke, snacks, etc… The possibilities are endless. The reel obviously can be used to hold an EFHW antenna if you with wish to deploy in that configuration.

At the request of several diy-599 group members, here is the TX-500 stand. This version is for the home. There will be a field version that has a greater footprint and stability when outside. It obviously has a bit more flexibility than the built in one, so take a look at the pics below.

BP500 battery pack

At this time, the BP500 cannot be bought separately, but only bundled in theQRPstation. Because of the extremely long production time of these units >20 hours, supplies are very limited for now.

List of products that personally buy for my store:

PEOVI cage

Low profile fans for the PA500

BNC splitters

50 feet/ 15 meters of thin HF coax

Inexpensive regulated power supply

Waterproof pen

Waterproof paper

Dummy load

USB power supply and cable combo

List of available products: