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Product comments ed/wq2u / October 2, 2021
ed/wq2u says:

Requirements for the user:
1) user-brand new high quality/amperage 18650s
2) user-fully charged and balanced before pack installation
3) user-charges pack with certified 3S LiPO charge controller

Design goals:
1) pack -waterproof (1 foot of water for 1 minute)/(done)
2) pack-short circuit protected (done)
3) pack-low voltage/9V cut off (done)
4) pack-fully compatible with light saver max (testing)
-this is the purpose of the 3rd power pole connection
5) pack-internal BMS successfully handles the un-regulated (kinda) voltages generated by the light saver “12v” output (testing)
6) pack -output 9A to support continuous 50W of output from the TX-500 and PA500 in SSB at a 25% duty cycle for 30mins (testing)

Storage requirements for any period beyond 2 days:
1) user -each cell is discharged to the appropriate storage voltage
2) user -each cell is remove and stored in a fire safe container
3) user -the cells are stored at a safe distance from the TX/PA assembly (the batteries catching fire is fine, the TX and the PA catching fire is not)

Dan Sloss says:

Are you able to make the battery pack photos into a gallery that can show larger versions? Nice work.

ed/wq2u says:

It isn’t super smooth, because you have to click a couple times, but the full images are now available. I’ll fix it when I am back on my computer. I’m doing this from the phone.

ed/wq2u says:

Please note that this is a testing prototype, so it is a bit beat up, and the design is not finalized, but close.

Matt says:

I love this – being able to have the battery pack, PA and rig all tied together and form a stand is awesome

Tom, N2YTF says:

Have you looked at a LiFePO4 solution for a better discharge curve with perhaps a cleaner TX ? Higher voltage to these rigs typically means cleaner output….

73 and looking forward to your pack

ed/wq2u says:

I have, but pound for pound the LiPOs can’t be beat. I have a set of LiPOs, which are ~10Ah, which weigh 105g. The equivalent LiFePO4 weighs in at 1,087g, which is 10 times heavier. The LiFePO4 are at a slightly higher voltage, so really they have a bit more power, but no 10x more. You get the point. I actually have LiPO powering my house, but they are really scary, so will be replacing them with LiFePO4, which not only nearly completely compressed my jeep’s springs, but I was extremely lucky that I didn’t injure my back seriously. I got away with being very sore for a week.

Marcin Zmudzinski says:

The prototype looks great! Any ETA on a production model?

ed/wq2u says:

All the mounts are completed for the TX-500, IC-705, & KX3; so the battery is next. It should be available for sale by the second week of Dec 2021.

Gary says:

Any update on the battery pack? I want to purchase the TX-599 Stand and battery pack as a single purchase, so I’m waiting to hear from you that its(TX-599 battery pack) is ready for sale. Thanks.
Gary /KO4LAX

ed/wq2u says:

Hey Gary, The battery is ready, but I’m working on the PA500s right now, so that is taking up all my time. I will reach out to you in a couple of weeks when my day job settles down. Been a bit crazy, because of what is happening in Europe right now.

Yusef says:

I would like to purchase a battery back and Frame for TX-500. What do I need to do? I’m Ready! 73 DE K4KHO

ed/wq2u says:

The battery pack is on hold for the minute, because of the multiple work streams going on. I plan to have it in full production in June of this year. Thanks and 73, Ed

Dave/AG7TX says:

I’m also interested in a battery pack. Like you, I’m quite cautious about LiPo batteries. But I have a handful of small ones for my drones.

Also, please recommend a balance charger.

Have you looked at as a battery source? I’ve bought from them for my flashlights and they seem to be a good source. My batteries are still going strong after a couple of years.

Battery Junction has high capacity high discharge LG 18650 button tops for about eight bucks each.

Cesare/Ve3dig says:

Any idea when the BP500 and the PA500 will be available?
I would also like to order the frame for TX500 but would like to order all items in one purchase.

Cesare 73 Ve3dig

ed/wq2u says:

The PA500 has a very long waiting list (~1 year). Sign up here:

The battery is basically unobtainium, and is currently only bundled in theQRPstation:

note: When you buy an amp from me, the frame is included, so don’t buy the frame unless you already have an amp.

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