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IC/PA Frame discussion
Uncategorized ed/wq2u / December 10, 2021

All comments welcome, so tell us what you think!

Jo - DL1JRM says:

Is the IC/PA Frame compatible with the Peovi full cage that goes along the backside of the IC-705?
A quick reply would be very much appreciated!

ed/wq2u says:

705 frame was specifically designed for the PEOVI.

Stace Cunningham says:

I currently use a Maxpedition 12-Inch X 5-Inch Bottle Holder to hold my Peovi mounted IC-705. What do people use to transport the Peovi mounted IC-705 that has the IC/PA frame and PA500 attached?

ed/wq2u says:

I see that most go bare with addition of the clear plastic shell to protect the face of the 705.

Adam White says:

Awesome mod …feel like I put a turbo on my Cadillac….lol
Fits with the pavoni cage and plastic shell perfectly….

Thanks Ed !!


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