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theQRPstation (shipping end of May pre-order)
ed/wq2u / February 13, 2022


Out of stock



I only have 2 for pre-order that will be shipped by the end of May. The package is the TX-500, the PA500, my battery pack, and the HD frame connecting them all. I am bringing several units back from Germany in early May, and assembly will be completed by the end of May for shipping. Everything is brand new Thanks and 73, Ed

TX-500 (with original cables and documents)

PA500 (with power cable)

BP500 (battery pack, but no batteries because of shipping restrictions)

TX/PA HD frame

** 18650 batteries are not and cannot be included, because of shipping restrictions **

Battery notes: You get what you pay for, so the highest quality 18650 must be used with an associated charger.  The price for good quality ones are about 10USD/battery and are made from LG or Samsung cells.  Buttons are a critical safety component, so are mandatory when purchasing cells.