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Product comments ed/wq2u / October 2, 2021
jekarl says:

Hey Everyone, Tell us what you think!

Matt Allinson says:

How much does each frame weigh?

jekarl says:

Well, don’t know exactly how much the frame weighs, but the frame inside a 9″x5″x2″ USPS priority box with wrapping paper and label is 4oz, so roughly 115g, so frame must be less than 115g.

I’ll get the exact weight when I find my scale that can handle these smaller amounts. The 4oz came from the post office, when I was pricing shipping.

jekarl says:

Just as an interesting note: tx-500, pa500, and frame is 3lbs. The battery adds one more pound. These are obviously rough, so will get the exact gram weights asap.

jekarl says:

On 10/03/2021 3:02 PM Christopher had a question:

Q: Is the bracket you’ve designed going to be compatible with the unreleased battery pack you’re working on? If I buy the bracket now, I don’t want to have to buy another when the battery is released.

A: It is designed to be 100% compatible. If there are any changes and you have already bought the frame, I will send you any necessary parts to make it work. As long as I am able, I will support everything I sell for the life of equipment.

jekarl says:

Q: On 10/06/2021 2:28 PM Luis wrote:
Good evening, Luis from Switzerland here.
Just saw the frame via OH8STN and wondered if a KX3 + PA 500 option exists (or could be made).

Yes, It is definitely possible, but unfortunately I sold my KX3 some time ago for my IC-7300. The first adapter will be for the IC-705, but I think the KX3 will have to be next. Thank you for bringing this up and 73 to you, Ed/wq2u

Gil Villanueva says:

While I wait for my PA500 to arrive, can the frame be used with the TX 599 alone as a stand?

ed/wq2u says:

Hey Gil, Thanks for the question.  The TX/PA frame needs both the TX-500 and the PA500 to have structural integrity. Please take a look at for our TX-500 stand offering: to look at the some details and to view more pics. Thanks! ed/wq2u

Joël says:

Hello Gil. You write that the frame is for use with a PA-500 to ensure the best support strength. Can’t I use it without the PA-500 (the one for the use at home seems to me too fragile to be used on the field in trekking)? Can I simply add a counterweight instead of the PA-500? If not, what medium can I use to do SOTA without the amp? 73 – F5NFB Joël.

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