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PA500 frames

TX/PA Frame

Our TX/PA frame is designed to connect the TX-500 and the PA500, so when folded, the units are kept together in a tidy package. When deployed, an optimal angle can be chosen for whatever situation you may find yourself in. e.g. on a park bench, on the grass, in the woods, or high on top of a summit.

We offer 2 different versions. The first one, light duty, will provide you with years of service, and is what I use every day. I keep my transceiver and amp inside a padded bike bag for POTA, and this version is perfect for those situations where your radios will be in a more protected environment. The heavy duty version uses a continuous fiber reinforced structure, which can bring the strength up to Aluminum levels. Pick this option if you expect the units to experience heavy abuse. e.g. technical climbing, scrambling, or being chased by bears, etc…

IC/PA Frame

Cannot deny that the IC-705 is one of the most popular and capable QRP rigs out there. It is definitely the Rolls Royce of rigs. From SSB to DStar and everything in between, it does it all an with style. When you want just a little more juice, the PA500 has the answer, and with the IC/PA frame, it becomes the perfect station for whatever you want to do.

The frame is extremely robust, and bolts onto the Peovi carrier system, which was designed with flexibility and ruggedness in mind. Because of the mounting hinge, no other system gives you the flexibility of having your IC at any possible viewing angle from strait up and down to laying flat on the ground when you are in he field working a POTA park or SOTA summit.

KX/PA Frame

Not much more can be said about the KX3. It is a standard that other radios are measured against. The build quality is excellent, and there is almost nothing it can’t do. Thousands are out in the field today, and because of that we have built the KX/PA frame to add the PA500 to this radio when you need just a little bit more to make that contact. The form factor is almost as good as the TX-500, and with the newest versions of the PA500 being VOX for both TX and band selection matching these boxes up is a no brainer.

To make this frame as svelte as possible extensive use of fiber reinforcement was used. The attachment wings may look thin, but there are 8 layers of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and 4 layers of woven fiber at 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees. The KX3 mounts are actually much stronger than the PA500 mount arms, but you wouldn’t believe it by looking at it.

We are very happy to present this new item to the QRP community.